Rothko - AI Driven

Investment Strategies

We are an institutional investment manager based in London, experts in international and emerging markets equities, and part of the Mondrian Investment Partners family – one of the largest employee-owned investment managers in the world. As a group we manage assets for sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, foundations, endowments, based in the US and Internationally.


History dating back to 1990


Over 4 decades of investment experience

Our Investment Philosophy

Income-oriented Value


Proprietary system grounded in learnings over many decades

Our Origins

Rothko is an expert income-oriented Value investor, focused on international and emerging equities. We are specialists in artificial intelligence, which drives our investment process.

Rothko’s Parent Mondrian Investment Partners Limited is founded.
Thought-leading research into the systematic methodology underlying Rothko begins. Rothko will be the first significant investment manager to eschew factor investing in favor of more AI-driven stock selection.
Rothko is launched with a highly experienced portfolio management team. Emerging Markets All Cap Equity Strategy funded.
Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity and All Countries World ex-US Equity strategies funded.
Rothko’s parent, Mondrian signs up to UN Principles of Responsible Investing. Rothko is committed to the objective of investing in stocks with good governance and shareholder value.
Broad International Small Cap Equity Strategy funded. Rothko becomes the first investment manager to be published at the elite artificial intelligence venue, NeurIPS.
Rothko initiates, develops and launches artificial intelligence and big data driven governance and ESG risk engine.
Rothko becomes the first investment manager to detail the practical use of symbolic artificial intelligence (SAI) as a live and highly successful equities selection tool.

Our People

We are an industry leading portfolio management team, thought-leading research group with a dedicated trading and implementation desk, a team with decades of experience in applying technology to drive investment strategies.

Our Investment Philosophy

Value Attributes + Sustainable, Future Income Potential

Superior Portfolio
and Return Characteristics

Income-Oriented Value

Stocks with value characteristics and future income potential can materially exploit the inefficiencies of Non-US equity markets.

Defensive - Defending Capital on the Downside

Strong downside protection and upside capture can lead to superior portfolio and return characteristics over time.

Rothko’s investment philosophy encapsulates over 30 years of successful income-oriented, value investment stock selection experience and research.

We believe:

A company’s business performance, financial management, competitive positioning, and behavior towards shareholders can all be ascertained from systematic and forensic examination of  track records and current performance.

Rather than use teams of equities analysts, Rothko has learned to do this systematically and consistently over the breadth of the market, using fundamental-rules to identify undervalued companies with evidential fundamental strengths that can support the growth of future dividend payments in US$ terms.

Our AI

Rothko’s proprietary AI system aims to learn and apply deep fundamental stock investment rationales that:

We do not believe in traditional quantitative investing techniques based on the assumption that linearity adequately explains equity market returns. Instead, we use interpretable (not Black Box) alternative quantitative techniques to achieve a bottom-up driven investment approach with a parsimonious use of technology that will, we believe, continue to drive uncorrelated returns in the future.

The result is a highly differentiated investment strategy, with high alpha potential and a high active share to both standard benchmarks and, crucially, factor benchmarks.