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About Rothko

Rothko is a systematic investment manager, driven by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), specializing in international and emerging equity strategies. We believe alpha can be systematically extracted from inefficient asset classes and that A.I. can be used to learn and shape a systematic approach.

Rothko Investment Strategies is a value-oriented, defensive investment manager.

Rothko seeks to extract value from market inefficiencies using an Artificial Intelligence approach, driven by fundamentals. Our investment approach systematically applies deep expert investment rationales to international and emerging markets equity investments. Rothko aims to avoid the behavioral pitfalls of human stock selectors and also the shortcomings of factor models.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver diversified portfolios with strong defensive characteristics which, we believe, will lead to consistent long-term alpha.


Rothko currently manages three long-only investment strategies available to institutional investors:


  • Rothko Emerging Markets All Cap Equity
  • Rothko Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity
  • Rothko All Countries World Ex-US Equity


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Investment Philosophy


Rothko’s A.I. modeling framework aims to invest in value stocks with strong future US$ income potential with a focus on risk control.

We believe:

We believe that value characteristics and future income potential leads to downside protection and superior return characteristics over time.
We believe that alpha can be extracted from inefficiencies in global equity markets using a bottom-up driven systematic approach based on fundamentals.
We believe that deep expert investment rationales can be abstracted into a systematic approach using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), avoiding the behavioral biases of human stock selectors and stylized factor models.

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