Rothko Investment Strategies Marks 10-Year Anniversary Utilizing Artificial Intelligence-Based Defensive, Value-Driven Investing

2021’s Cascade of Alpha

In our Q2 newsletter we explore the dramatic lift-off of income-oriented, Value:

 – Cascade of alpha for Income-oriented Value: We explain what happened, and why, we believe, it will continue.

 – Winner Takes ‘Sm’all: Small Cap has started to come good again, and we believe this is just the start.

 – The virus to watch in 2021 isn’t a coronavirus (it’s a meme): The rise and fall of the “winner takes all” meme had an antidote: high active share and bottom-up stock selection. We explain how Rothko’s models have added value by identifying opportunities within value chains of mega-caps, while avoiding the “honey-pot” names.

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